About Langa


"love the skin you're living in"

Starting a beauty line was always something I dreamt of, mostly because when I was modelling in the 90’s it was difficult to get makeup that suited my African skin.

Often makeup artists would ask me if I had my own makeup or they would mix so many different shades to use on me, after all that effort the shade concocted never really suited my skin.

I either looked donkey grey or orange.Those were the 90's!

Then came a time in my life when I started to look into my health and well being, and that included what I ate, my skincare and my makeup.

I wondered what sort of stuff goes into the products I used. This curiosity led me to realise that I was slowly poisoning myself as some of what I was using on my skin was full of stuff that wasn’t good for me at all.

The more I delved into it the more it became clear that there was a problem and it needed to be solved.  I wanted to know exactly what was going into my skin.

I then came across MINERALS...

This new world fascinated me so much and I knew then that creating a mineral makeup line would not only solve my make-up problems but also that of a lot of other women like me (and lets include the men), who are interested in their well being and what they put on their skin and ultimately into their body, hence ‘LANGA’ was born, purely out of the love of a healthier option for my skin. I became the customer who wanted to live clean,

the customer who wanted healthy non-toxic, organic and natural skincare and makeup.

The customer that wanted to know that no suffering of any animal would take place for me to wear my makeup.

Initially, LANGA was going to be a cosmetics brand that caters only for dark skinned women, but that changed as I wanted to share my excitement with all women regardless of their colour, creed and kind.

I truly believe every skin deserves the best.

What keeps my passion going and makes me happy is seeing the effects our products have on the women that have joined us, the confidence it brings out in them, the glow in their skin, the healing* properties they contain and how comfortable we are becoming in our skins, knowing there is a shade for all of us and if we have missed one, we will make it for you.

It’s the very reason I wake up every morning and keep working towards our goals.

* free of chemicals and additives which can cause skin irritation.

Mineral make up is non comedogenic and oil free so it doesn’t block the pores and cause breakouts and blackheads on the skin.

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