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LANGA is a natural mineral makeup brand, created in Zimbabwe, originally for African skin types and dedicated to providing a wide range of pure, natural mineral makeup:

  • Handmade in Zimbabwe.
  • 100% naturally derived ingredients.
  • Completely free from harmful additives such as Parabens, Talcs & Dyes.
  • Brilliant for sensitive skin as our products contain ingredients with soothing and healing qualities.*
  • To help protect and be kind to the skin with our minerals naturally occurring SPF15.

We have now added 5 new Foundation shades for fairer skin types, so no-one is excluded from enjoying the beautiful coverage and healing properties that LANGA Mineral Make-Up provides.


Registered by The Vegan Society.

Our cosmetics are safe, of the highest quality and are registered by the Vegan Society in the UK. None of our products or our ingredients are tested on animals,  only ourselves and friends and the feedback is always great.
We value knowing that our ingredients and pigments come from well established businesses who only work with mines that don’t engage or involve child labour.

*Our Mineral powders contain titanium dioxide, zinc oxide & iron oxides.

  • Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are anti-inflamatories and, therefore, aid the skin in its healing process.
  • Zinc oxide is also an anti-microbial.

LANGA mineral powders also do not contain fillers, which results in exceptional coverage. Although, mineral powders were not designed for camouflage, the fact that they are pure pigment means that with very little product they quickly and effectively cover almost any skin distraction while giving the illusion of healthy, clear skin. Minerals powders are used to cover evidence of facial surgery, hyperpigmentation, Port Wine stains, rosacea, acne and many other skin discolorations. They are also used by burn survivors and actors.

LANGA means 'Sun' in Ndebele and Zulu..  It reflects our very intention to brighten, beautify, and above all, give you confidence in your own natural beauty, whatever skin you're living in.
We love our name, not only because it’s our Founder’s name but it embodies our intentions too.

To thrive with a bit of sunshine..

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